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YOUR WEDDING | Creating the Perfect Vibe

Music at weddings is often one of the last decisions made because frankly, it can be the toughest. Music choice is as important as the food, the drink, the flowers, the celebrant and the venue. Music determines the mood of your occasion and creates the perfect atmosphere that will leave you and your guests with lasting memories.

The question is – Live Music vs Wedding DJ. Which is best? Selecting the right music option for your special day is vitally important. Creating the perfect mood, ambiance and balance between sentimental and fun will make or break the day and creates the recollections that you and your guests have for a lifetime.

SNoW IN FERNIE have taken that hassle away and given you one less decision to make. From live solo or duo acoustic ceremony music, to dinner mood makers, to foot tapping, hip shaking, dance floor boogie, looped and layered party rock classics, SNoW IN FERNIE have the live music side covered.

Prefer to get down and dance the night away with a Wedding DJ? SNoW IN FERNIE can deliver that too – All your live music needs covered without the usual hassle. Through experience, we have learnt what is required for a successful and seamless wedding and we pride ourselves on delivering this every single time. As well as all the music requirements, we take care of all the little things that you may not have considered (or shouldn’t have to….you have enough going on):

*Music cuing for specific ‘special moments’

*Personalised background music for between-set breaks

*Controlling a seamless fade between background music and speeches

*Pre-programming playlists (to your taste)

*Gauging when the time is right to bring guests to the dance floor

*Ending the night with a DJ set custom designed by you to get everyone up dancing

As soon as guests arrive for the ceremony right up until the last guest leaves the party, SNoW IN FERNIE will be the soundtrack for the most important day of your life.

From the Sunshine Coast Bridal Showcase............Guess the song and you could win a prize.....

Posted by Snow In Fernie on Tuesday, February 14, 2017

LIVE + UNPLUGGED | What You See is What You Get

Snow In Fernie plays regular gigs around the Sunshine Coast. Follow the duo on Facebook or shoot them a message to find out where you can see the next live performance! The guys truly believe in the motto – “See us. Hear us. Love us. Book us.” – and want you to experience their authentic sound firsthand – not a polished version – so you know what you can expect at your event. It’s more than just a sound, so  drop by a local gig and enjoy the vibes and atmosphere in addition to checking out the live recordings.

BOOK US | A Performance Guaranteed to Entertain

Wedding  |  Private Function  |  Corporate  Event  |  Pub  |  Club

Are you looking to create the perfect vibe and atmosphere for your next occasion? Snow In  Fernie demonstrates the success of a simple equation; one plus one, with an abundance of live looping, guitar slinging, songwriting expertise and infectious musicality. Snow In Fernie equals a performance that guarantees to entertain – whether it’s a private function, wedding, corporate event, pub or club.